Types of Biomass

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In Nabu we have a wide network of collaborators certificates that enable us to provide BIOMASS as a raw material or finished products

Biomass from industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp produces biomass with the full range of cannabinoids, terpenes own and distinctive of each variety. This d-type and Biomass contains low levels of CBD and are generally below the permissible limit of THC.

Biomass of CBD

This type of biomass with origin in genetics that produce flowers with a higher content of CBD and volume that the hemp.

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Happy customers

Marta, Valladolid, 26 years old, architect

When did you start to take oil CBD?


I started taking oil of CBD in quarantine, at the end of march or beginning of April. In that moment, as all the world I guess, I was very stressed by the whole situation of the coronavirus. I woke up, I was working from the sofa, so that hurt me a lot back, I saw the news... I also other things happened during the confinement, which I estresaron much. The case, looking for remedies online and found the oil of CBD. At the beginning I was scared because I didn't know if it was legal. After I saw that yes, that had nothing to do with a drug, and I jumped. Until now.


By the pain of the rule, that to me is horrible. Truly, I thank you that this makes me somewhat, because if it is not that it could not get out of bed. I have also now taken for the start of classes. And I am sure that I will take before the exams, because I get stressed a lot. I can't sleep. And I've read that in addition to analgesic is de-stressing.

Why take it?

Now I take it when I'm stressed out after studying. I'm preparing a competition to high school teacher. The competitions are tough, you have to study a lot and are stressful. Sometimes I get to my floor and I am in tension thinking about all I have to do the next day. That's why once in a while I come to use oil CBD, to relax and to be able to take the next day.

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